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Ever wanted to download facebook videos but couldn’t figure how? We are going to show you how to download facebook videos with ease. Facebook has become a popular platform for creators to share videos, unfortunately, Facebook does not provide a seamless method for video downloads. Under this article, we are going to disclose 6 methods you can use to download facebook videos.

There are various reasons you would want to download a video from Facebook, for example, you wanted to keep the video on your computer for future references, upload it on youtube, do some editings, share with friends on WhatsApp, e.t.c.

How to download Facebook Videos into your PC

Downloading video from facebook requires that you have a video URL, which can be easily obtained from the page that posted the video via right-clicking on the video.

Following are tools to extract MP4 videos from facebook.


FBDOWN.NET VIDEO DOWNLOADER is one of the most popular websites for downloading Facebook videos. This website shows preview, audio edits, and many more features. This tool works perfectly fine with Internet Download Manager. Please note for IDM to work, it must be enabled in the browser’s extension. Click here to download facebook videos from this tool.

2. is a popular website that offers an easier way to download facebook videos. This platform has a browser extension specifically for Facebook video downloads. You can still download facebook video from their website without installing the extension. works perfectly fine with the Internet download manager. Follow this link to download facebook videos from

3. GetfVid

GetfVid is another popular tool used for facebook video download. GetfVid works perfectly fine with IDM and other downloader managers. Video URL is required to download facebook videos from this tool. follow this link to download facebook video from this tool.

4. was not created for facebook video downloads, but it has a special space for this. Click Here to download facebook video from this tool.

5. was specifically created as a Facebook video downloader tool. It has features contained from the other tools we’ve covered above. To download facebook videos from this tool, click here.

6. is a tool used to download MP4 videos from facebook and youtube. has a browser extension for downloading videos from all website.

That’s how to download facebook videos, if you know any other tool, please share it in the commenting system below

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