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About Hack Smile

Welcome to hack smile. Hack Smile is an educational website where we teach beginners on various concepts related to software and real-world computer science experience. We are a team of two guys, whom we are dedicated in providing the best platform for computer science practical aspects.

At Hack Smile We Publish About

We teach across all topics in programming and general computer science life hacks. The following is a list of things that you will find on our website:

  1. Android Applications Development: While we don’t teach on all topics in android, we focus on challenging topics that are hard to find somewhere else online. Our solutions are supported with the video tutorials for demonstrations and well-organized code that we use before posting it on our website.
  2. AdSense related topics: We also teach on AdSense and things to focus to make you on earn a huge amount of cash. Our team has been contributing to Adsense forum for a long time where we found many people having many problems. We decided to add AdSense topic to our website as part of our mission to help and make things easier for everyone.
  3. PHP, JavaScript, and JSO – We also tackle some challenging topics in mentioned topics. Some languages like PHP and JavaScript are essential for almost every developer, so solving challenging topics in these fields can help many beginners.
  4. Technology News: we also post technology news on our website to keep our readers and followers updated all the time
  5. Ethical Hacking: , there are a few things that go hand in hand with programming, such as hacking. Having said that, we teach only ethical hacking and we never teach black hat hacking.
    Black hat hacking is not only illegal but also hurting the affected victims

Our Mission

At hack smile, our aim is to make things easier for everyone. Make things simpler that you will be left laughing and smiling all by yourself

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