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How to Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Site

Last time I got a lot of questions, people asking me how they should add Google Adsense to their WordPress site. The questions were too many in a way that I could not fail to make a write up on this. Okay, to begin with, WordPress is one of the best platforms if not the best, to show ads on.

How do you add Google Adsense to your WordPress site?

First, I will recommend you to watch the following video, as it shows step by step on how to apply google Adsense to a WordPress website.

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Without having to waste a lot of time, kindly let’s jump into the matter of the day. The following are instructions on how to apply Adsense to your WordPress site.

  1. First, login into wordpress dashboard
  2. While on the dashboard, hover the appearance
  3. Click on the editor
  4. In the editor section, search for the “the header”, click it
  5. Assuming you are on the header code, control F in your keyboard and find
  6. Paste your adsense verification code, just obove the head section
  7. Update the file
    <!-- meta tags, scripts and css --> 

   <!-- adsense code here --> 

Now with those steps, you will be ready to go. One more thing to add, for you to be fully approved for AdSense, kindly create some ads units in the Adsense dashboard and add them to your website. That’s all. If we helped you, kindly leave a comment below

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