Being one of the best Contextual Advertisement programs on earth, people have asked me how to add Google Adsense to WordPress for the first time. This is after writing a step by step guide on how to create and apply for the AdSense Account.  As a beginner, Google AdSense should be your first priority to monetize your blog or any WordPress website.

Although there are many other pretty alternatives to AdSense, you will hear experts say that AdSense is the best program.

Before applying for the AdSense, make sure your website complies with the AdSense policies and that you must be at least 18 years.

It’s also important to make sure your blog or website has sufficient content, many beginners get disapproved for insufficient content. On my article on how to create an AdSense Account, I recommended the number of posts you should have before applying and the content needed. Make sure you see that guide.

When properly implemented AdSense can convert traffic into a huge amount of money. Please see my guide on how to place Google AdSense on WordPress to maximize payment.

Under this article, I am going to demonstrate a step by step guide on how to paste the AdSense Application code in between the head tags of your WordPress website or blog for the AdSense approval process.

We shall use two methods to add AdSense Approval code to WordPress Website

  1. Using the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Using the Manual Method (CPANEL)

Please note, I don’t recommend people to use plugins for something that can be achieved within a blink of an eye. Please follow this guide to the end.

How to Add Google Adsense Code to WordPress Website, Through WordPress Dashboard

First, I will recommend you to watch the following video, as it shows step by step on how to apply google Adsense on a WordPress website.

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The following are instructions on how to paste Adsense application code into your WordPress Website.

  1. First, login into WordPress dashboard
  2. While on the dashboard, hover the appearance
  3. Click on the editor
  4. On the editor section, search for the “the header”, click it
  5. Assuming you are on the header code, CTRL F from your keyboard to find </head>
  6. Paste your AdSense verification code, just above the </head> tag
  7. Update the file

See the snippet code below

<!-- meta tags, scripts, and CSS -->

<!-- AdSense code here -->


How to Add Google AdSense Code Manually Through the CPANEL to WordPress Website

Some WordPress Themes do not give much freedom when it comes to editing the code via the WordPress dashboard editor. If you can’t see the header file from your dashboard, this part is for you.

This is how to paste the AdSense code to your WordPress website through the Cpanel:

  1. Login to your Cpanel Account
  2. Depending on the version of the CPanel you are using, click on the File Manager > Public_Html to access your website root files.
  3. Navigate to wp-content folder > themes > the name of your theme folder ( e.g  XY if your theme name is XY) >  header.php
  4. Right-click on your header.php file then edit. Ctrl + F to find </head>,
  5. Finally, paste your AdSense code just above the </head> tag as shown in the image below

Add Google AdSense to WordPress through the CPanel

No further action will be required from your side. The AdSense team will email the status of your application within a week or so.


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