Everyone who applied for YouTube partnership program on or after 20th November 2017, is facing this problem. On December, YouTube updated monetization tab with this message

Applications for the YouTube Partner Program are taking longer than normal to process. We hope to be able to review these applications soon. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Why is YouTube taking that long time in processing YouTube Partner Program?

If anyone of you has been a YouTube partner for a long time, you might know the answer for this question. Every YouTube Partner knows that companies around the world spends billions of dollars on advertising their product in December, this can be seen on Analytics page that YouTube Partners earns the most in DECEMBER every year. As YouTube has introduced a new method of approval of Partners Application so that only quality channels could be approved and hence Advertisers could find better results, therefore YouTube is not processing the YouTube Partner Program in December 2017 until partners are paid on 21st of January so that those products could be advertised only on already running partners channels for providing better results to advertisers. I hope this question is answered that Why YouTube is taking too much time in processing application for YouTube Partner Program YPP?

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Now when the reason is cleared everyone will have another question in mind that When will YouTube Process application of new YouTube Channels for YouTube Partner Program?

As soon as the huge amount spent by advertisers in December 2017 YouTube will start processing those new channels, because in my view YouTube doesn’t want to give that huge amount to the new YouTube Channels in order to satisfy their advertisers as no doubt whole of the YouTube is ran by those advertisers. Until December amount is paid, no processing will be done. Expect decision starting from 23rd Jan to 31 January all the way to early February.

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