Hello everyone, today’s tutorial is on blogging niches and topics. How you choose your blogging niches and the way you place them matters a lot in the digital marketing world. You might be confused on which topics to focus in your blogging career, today am going to focus on topics that I have seen performing well and niches that has huge number of followers.

1. What is Blogging Niches?

Before we dive into the main topic of the day, let’s first understand what is meant by niche in blogging. Different people might define the term niche differently, in this article, we will refer to niche as a topic of focus in your blog. For example, you have some interest in travelling, so you decided to start a blog in travelling, hence your niche will be travelling, yes, Travelling will be your blogging niche. If am wrong, I wish to be corrected in the commenting system below. There are many blogging niches to choose from, let’s see how you go about this.

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How do One Choose Blogging Niches

There are huge of topics to choose from, but reason this way, I found my friend doing Travelling Blogging and they got some huge number of followers, so I can do the same and see! This how many people reason while starting blogging and that concept can fail you drastically. My advice is, when choosing blogging niches, always choose what you love and areas of your interest. When one focuses on areas of their interest and areas of their passion, they tend to do better and they can answer any questions raised to them by their followers. This sections introduces us to blogging rules; Never copy anyone or copy someones work, always be original. There are penalties associated with plagiarism and google will rank your work badly. I will talk about this later.

Blogging Niches that Performs Relatively Well

I want to make it abundantly clear that, any topic or niche can perform well in the market and there is always followers for a given niche. So don’t just go and create blog from one of these niches if they are not part of your interest. The flowing are niches that I have seen performing perfectly well in the market:

  1. Travelling
  2. Fashion and Design
  3. Interior Design.
  4. Romance
  5. Health
  6. Gym, Sports and Nutritional Facts
  7. Technology
  8. News

Let’s go further and briefly break some of the above topics

I have found travelling blog performing well, people follow them weather they like it or not. Let’s say you love travelling, so you went somewhere called Taj Mahal in india and took videos and some pictures of that place, so you went and wrote an article about that area, showed images and uploaded video of the region to youtube. If someone haves a trip to Taj Mahal, they will go to google to do some reconnaissance, they will also go to youtube and search Taj Mahal just to be curious about that location. If you had some well written article about that area, you will be given the first consideration by google bots. Same case will happen when people go to youtube. With travelling blogging you will get traffic from people who want to learn more about locations, people who want to travel and people who are just curious to know about a given location. Travelling blogging is quite expensive as it requires you to travel. Being a travel blogger and you don’t have a smart camera, would also be waste of time.

Fashion and Design
Repeat with me, Fashion and Design. This topics performs well, especially to young generation. People we will always tend to look for new fashions and designs. This niche has a very huge followers. Fashion and design works well with ladies and guys who really love fashion, yeah, you must be passionate about funny things in the fashion world. Your creativity is what will make you stand above all those who are having this niche

I will not focus on each and every topic listed above. They all follow the same pattern. If you are passionate about any of the above topics, you will shine well in the market. Thanks for being with me, comment if you saw it interesting

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