Can you acquire HIV for Sucking nipples_

Can you acquire HIV for Sucking nipples with Pimples?

Would you really get HIV for sucking nipples of an HIV positive lady? To tackle this question, we are going to consider everything that needs to be considered. First, was woman lactating? Did the woman had inflamed pimples on her breast?

Risk Associated with SUCKING lactating breast of an HIV positive lady

First, let’s understand breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is for young ones. Until recently, the World Health Organization (WHO), advised HIV-positive mothers, not to breastfeed if they are able to afford. But research has since emerged, particularly from South Africa, that shows that a combination of exclusive breastfeeding and the use of ARVs treatment can significantly minimize the risk of HIV transmission to babies through breastfeeding.

An adult sucking lactating breast, contains zero risk to HIV transmission. Why? Breast Milk contains very low or tiny amount of HIV virus. Breast milk is infectious to babies due to their weak immune system. For adults, breast milk is unlikely infectious.

Risk Associated with SUCKING nipples with inflamed pimples

HIV may cause painfully swollen pimples on the breast nipples. The risk of acquiring HIV from this manner is also ZERO even if you have chapped lips or something. Again the amount of HIV that may be contained under this activity is way too low. Nothing to worry about

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