Chances are if you are reading this, you have issues with your Adsense and probably you had sweated a lot trying to find a solution; why you can’t find verification code in AdSense homepage. If you still have that anxious face, please relax and know you have landed on your dream solution. This walkthrough will address why you are not seeing google Adsense verification code in their Adsense home page and how to fix it.

Adsense Verification Code not Available in Adsense Home Page

Let’s go direct to finding solution for this problem. First google adsense supports two types of adsense content.

  1. Hosted Adsense for content
  2. Non-hosted Adsense for content

Let’s try to understand what these types of adsense are:

Hosted Adsense for content

Hosted adsense for content is one that google hosts for you such as Youtube and Google blogger. Under this category publishers are verified automatically and verification code is not needed as content is hosted for them.

Non-hosted Adsense for content

This is where most publishers are found. This type of Adsense is one that you add code to your own website and it’s unrelated to Google. These are websites that Google needs to verify before publishing AdSense on them.

Why You are not Seeing Adsense Verification Code in Adsense Home Page

Well, from the above explanation of Adsense partiners, now it makes sense why you are not seeing that verification code in AdSense home page. Chances are, when you were applying for Adsense you applied for hosted Adsense such as youtube hence no verification code was needed and still it’s not needed since the content is hosted by google themselves.

How to Upgrade From Hosted to Non-hosted

To add Adsense to your own hosted website, you need a verification code that you put between head tags just before the body tag as shown below.

<!– meta tags, scripts and css –>

<!– adsense code here –>

To upgrade from hosted to non-hosted adsense, sign in to adsense. Assuming you are on adsense home page, follow the following steps:

  1. Click On My Ads
  2. Then, Click Other Products
  3. Paste your domain name e.g .
  4. Submit and Wait For Approval

Good Luck Folks. You may leave the comment here below

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