Does Freelancer Process Payments on Weekends?

The direct answer is NO. does not process any payments during weekends.

I have been working on Freelancer for a while and I have been requesting payment withdrawals. My payments are processed daily during working days, this is so because I’m subscribed to a pro membership plan.

Even though, none of my payments have ever been processed during weekends. They are days that I request withdrawals on Thursdays (GMT + 3) and my money gets released on Mondays.

This may depend highly on your time zone, for example for people living in Australia (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) or anyone at GMT + 11, may get their payments released on Friday on the same timezone as far as the request is loaded on Thursday before 7 am.

Please note,  if you want your money to be released on Friday, then you should always request the withdrawal on Thursday before 7 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time time zone.

According to my time zone, at GMT + 3, we’re 8 hours behind the Australian Eastern Daylight Time, so, most of the requests made on Thursday at GMT + 3 will be processed on Monday.

So, I hope now you know that does not process payments on weekends.



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