SQLIte-JDBC Driver Download

SQLite-JDBC driver jar file is a library for accessing and creating SQLite database files in Java. All Java applications use these driver library files with the extension of .jar  to connect to the database.

This article will provide information and a direct link to download the SQLite-JDBC driver jar file.

But first, we shall provide a few information about the SQLite-JDBC driver. For those looking for a direct link, please scroll to the bottom of this article

We’ve also convered a series of Java Databse tutorial using SQLIte database with SQlite JDBC Driver. You can check it, if you need this driver for java database.

How does The SQLITE-JDBC Driver Jar File Works?


Our SQLite-JDBC driver package contains three types of native SQLite libraries. SQLite-jdbc.dll, SQLite-JDBC.jnilib, SQLite-JDBC.so. Each of them is compiled for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. 

When your program loads org.sqlite.JDBC driver, it automatically extracts a native library file into your OS’s temporary folder. 


Driver Information

  • Required File(s): sqlite-jdbc-xxx.jar
  • Java Driver Class: org.sqlite.JDBC
  • URL: jdbc:sqlite:{FILE}
  • Website: Sqlite

Supported Operating Systems

Since SQLite-JDBC-3.6.19, the natively compiled SQLite engines will be used in the following operating systems:

  • Windows (Windows, x86 architecture, x86_64)
  • Mac OS X x86_64 ( Support for SnowLeopard (i386) 
  • Linux x86, x86_64, arm (v5, v6, v7 and for android), ppc64

In the other Operating systems not on the list above, use the pure-java SQLite. ( Applies to versions before 3.7.15)

SQLite Connection Strings

The SQLite JDBC driver allows you to load an SQLite database from the file system using the following connection string:


The sqlite_database_file_path is the path to the SQLite database file, which is either relative or absolute path as follows:

jdbc:sqlite:sample.db Or jdbc:sqlite:C:/sqlite/db/chinook.db

To connect to an in-memory database, you use the following connection string:


Download SQLite-JDBC Driver JAR FILE




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