drop cap in MS Word also called dropped capital, is a large capital letter used at the beginning of a paragraph or section. The size of a drop cap is always two, three or more lines. Drop caps in MS Word is used to give any Word document polished look and/or attract readers .

We use this command to create a drop capital letters at the beginning of a

  • Select the paragraph
  • Click on format then drop cap
  • Select the style i.e. the number of lines to drop through,
  • Click OK.

The drop capped paragraph or section looks like image below

drop cap
drop cap image

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On the other hand, the word Art can be used to modify the appearance of the text by skewing, bending,  and/or stretching the the text shape shape. It help to enhance the look and feel of the text used in the Ms word applications.

It looks like the image below

word art
word art Image

The procedure of obtaining the word art in MS word 2013

  • Highlight the text you want apply the word art
  • Open Ms word application
  • On the Menu, open Design
  • Locate word art icon on the far right.
  • Select and Click Ok

Example of a word arte text is as below

wordart sample
wordart sample

How to add/insert text and Picture watermark
Follow the video below and get to learn more

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