Have you read the news lately? If you have, then you surely know about the amazing price hikes of Bitcoin (BTC) in the last months. The price of this digital coin has skyrocketed to the joy of many investors and traders. At the same time, many people are now interested in partaking in the crypto market. It looks easy, right? You buy BTC, store it safely, and resell it later.

In principle, the above strategy works. However, you must find a reliable exchange to convert your fiat money (American dollar, Euro, etc.) to cryptocurrency. Thus, consider Switchere, the best site to convert Euro to Bitcoin. But this website is not limited to operations with EUR only. You can also use USD to purchase the most popular cryptocurrencies in a single place. Take into account that less popular digital assets such as EST are not supported.

However, let’s focus on the EUR to BTC exchange service in this article. If you have decided to purchase Bitcoin, the first thing to do is to go to Switchere.com. This website is a secure platform to buy cryptocurrency by using a regular bank card. Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro are accepted. Thus, buying crypto is quick and easy on this site, just like buying groceries from an online retailer.

To convert Euro to Bitcoin, you have to use an electronic calculator displayed on the site. In one field, you must type in the amount of Euro you have. Then, the calculator will show you the equivalent in Bitcoin in a second field. It’s important to mention that this amount is all-inclusive. It already includes the processing fees that you must pay to Switchere.com. Rest assured you won’t be charged a hidden fee or surcharge later.

If the conversion rate is convenient for you, then you just need to type in your digital wallet address. Click on the “Continue” button and complete the purchase. Your transaction will be processed as fast as possible with the lowest delay. Your funds will not appear instantly in your wallet. The completion of the operation takes between 5 and 30 minutes. After that relatively short time, you’ll have Bitcoin in your wallet.

Convert Euro to Bitcoin in the Safest Way

Why should you use this particular Euro to Bitcoin exchange? For a crypto enthusiast or investor, the most important factor is security. This platform ensures the security of all the transactions through the following measures:

  • Mandatory registration on the site. Anonymity is important for many crypto buyers. So, you can buy Bitcoin anonymously on the blockchain. However, Switchere.com requires some information about each user for internal control;
  • Limits on the purchases of BTC. The amount of Euro that you can convert to BTC is limited. You need to complete the verification of personal data to increase the limits. For instance, if you verify your ID, you get a limit of €7,500. Verifying your address allows you to convert up to €15,000. No limits apply if you verify your proof of income;
  • Partnership with Crystal Blockchain Analytics. This company ensures the legit origin of the digital coins that you purchase via this site.

As seen, this EUR to BTC exchange is the easiest and safest method to invest in BTC. Even without previous experience in the crypto market, it will take just an instant to figure out how to buy BTC. The same converter can be used to sell your BTC assets. To convert BTC to fiat money, a bank account is necessary to send the Euro funds. Alternatively, you can convert BTC to other digital coins. In this way, you can create a portfolio of crypto investments.

Using this exchange has benefits for loyal customers. For instance, you can benefit from the Cashback program that pays you up to 1% per transaction. The percentage depends on the frequency with which you use the exchange’s services. Hence, do not hesitate to buy BTC with your debit or credit card. Even a prepaid card will work. This exchange offers a non-custodial service. Hence, before you start buying BTC, get a digital wallet to store your crypto assets.