finally, Android Oreo (Android Oreo/Android O) is officially here. Android 8.0 comes with tonnes of features, which we are going to highlight under this article. Am not going to tackle all features, I will be focusing on the main features and mainly the ones that affect developers.

Android Oreo

1. Manually allow app installation from unknown sources.

Prior to Android Oreo, third-party app installation requires users to enable just one setting by turning on “Install from unknown sources”—doesn’t matter from where the user has downloaded an APK file, i.e. from a browser, Bluetooth, transferred from a computer via USB or downloaded using another app.
Android 8.0 Oreo has completely changed the way this feature works, bringing a much smarter and safer system called “Install Unknown apps,” in which user has to manually permit 3rd-party app installation from different sources.

2. Auto-Fill API

This is another API that will encourage people to live more on earth. Previously users used to download apps to manage password autofill withing android system, with Auto-fill feature, you don’t need to worry again about passwords. Android 8.0 has introduced autofill for all your passwords in the android system. Auto-fill manager will allow you to securely store passwords, addresses, and credit card info, and this will work throughout the entire android system

3. Android Oreo Multi-Tasking:

How many times have you felt like chatting on telegram while watching a video from Youtube? Android Oreo introduces a smart multitasking feature that will enable you to watch a movie while reading a document or while chatting on WhatsApp. That sounds nice? This feature is known as Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature.

4. Google Play Protect:

If you watched Google I/O 2017, they mentioned something to do with google play protect. Android Oreo comes with new anti-malware tool called Google Play Protect. It will be removing malware apps with more than 50 billions apps scanned per day. Thanks to google play protect

5. Battery Saving

Many people complained about low battery life on Android devices. Android Oreo will be limiting some background tasks to enhance battery life.

6. Notifications Dots

This could be the best feature that I have been waiting from the android team. With Android Oreo, you will be understanding which app needs attention without touching the notification tray.

Now android 8.0 comes with lots of features, some other features include improvement on emojis, finding your device and so on.

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