Google AdSense is one of the best Contextual Advertisement available on earth. As a blogger, you have surely heard about Adsense. In this article, I will demonstrate how you can create an Adsense account for the first time.

If you have already started a blog, you can check my guide on how to apply Adsense to a WordPress website for the first time.

For beginners, Google AdSense is an advertisement program for website publishers started by Google (See Wiki details here). These ads are placed on a website and you get paid whenever someone clicks on them.

In this guide, I have presented a vital guide for beginners, on how to apply for the AdSense Program

There are certain criteria you must meet in order to apply for AdSense

  • You must have a website
  • You must be or older than 18 years.

Before you enroll for the AdSense, you must have a website, preferably a blog. Never put AdSense into your mind, until you have a self-hosted website with content, we recommend 20 to 30 detailed posts (for blogs). This means it should take you a month or two after starting a blog before you can apply to join the AdSense Program.

Please note, AdSense is not a ‘quick get rich scheme’, you need to work hard to build content as well as the audience. The higher the traffic, the better the outcome.

Before applying for the AdSense, it’s also important to bind with the AdSense policies to avoid risks of account termination and discontinuation from the program. Also, make sure you go through the AdSense Terms and Conditions



If you don’t have a website, see my guide on how to join AdSense with youtube.  This guide should be for those who already have a website with content.

First, you will be required to access the AdSense Sign Up Page. Fill in your website address URL along with your email as shown in the image below.

AdSense First Registration Screen


Next, you will be prompted to create a new Google Account, if you already have a Gmail account, click skip and sign in instead.


Sign In to AdSense


Next, select your country then accept terms of Service and click proceed boom! You have now created your AdSense account. The next step should be to set your Post Addresses and account info.

Having done that, copy-paste the AdSense code into HTML of your website in between the head tags. I always recommend copy-pasting this code just above the </head>. If you are using WordPress, please see my guide on how to copy-paste the AdSense code into the HTML code of your website.

After pasting the code in between the head tags of your HTML website, check the checkbox labeled ‘I have pasted the code into my website’ and click done.

Finishing AdSense Registration Process

AdSense will review your website to make sure, it complies with the AdSense policies. If all goes well you will be approved to join AdSense within the shortest time possible, possibly one week. For a quicker AdSense Approval, Kindly see my guide on how to get approved for Adsense quickly.

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