Today’s walkthrough will be on how to sum up array’s elements in PHP. There are many times where you might need to sum up elements of an array for whatever reason. Some arrays might contain non-predetermined data and it is in this case, that I have prepared this tutorial on how to add arrays elements in PHP.

How to add arrays elements in PHP

Adding array’s elements or values in PHP will require us to use array_sum(array) as shown in the code below. array_sum(array) is an inbuilt function, that takes array as a parament. Please have a look at the code below.

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$array = array(12, 16, 40, 60);
$arraySum = array_sum($array);
echo $arraySum;

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That’s how to add all elements of an array in PHP, if it helped, kindly leave me a cheers message in the commenting system below

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