How to add jar file in Netbeans IDE step 2

How to Add Jar Files in NetBeans IDE

Most of the java libraries are usually packaged as jar files. In this article, am going to illustrate how to add jar file in NetBeans IDE. A while ago I did step by step tutorial on how to add jar files in Eclipse IDE; we are going to apply the same concept for NetBeans, but differently.

To add a Jar file to Apache’s NetBeans IDE, follow the following steps

  1. Right Click on your Project folder
  2. Navigate to Properties
  3. On the popup window, select Libraries
  4. Click add Add Jar/folder
  5. Click Ok and you are good to go

Images on How to add Jar Files to NetBeans IDE

How to add jar files to netbeans IDE


How to add jar file in Netbeans IDE step 2


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