how to change font fonts in Eclipse IDE Step 1

Eclipse IDE is one of the most widely used Java IDE in the world; it has cool features that enable you to develop efficiently. Today’s article will be on how to edit fonts in Eclipse IDE.

Eclipse IDE uses default fonts provided for in any operating system. Sometimes the look and feel of these default fonts might not be appealing, hence the need to understand how to modify fonts in Eclipse.

Am going to demonstrate how you can change font sizes, font family and font color in Eclipse IDE

How to Change Fonts (Font Size, Font Family and Font Colors) in Eclipse

To change font settings in Eclipse IDE, Click on Window on the menu bar, navigate to Preferences > General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts > Basic > TextFont. This will change the global settings of the editor’s font. Please see the images below

Images on How To Change Fonts in Eclipse IDE


how to change font fonts in Eclipse IDE Step 1



how to change fonts in Eclipse Step 2


How to change fonts in Eclipse IDE step 3

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