How to create WordPress page

WordPress page is not something new, it is a webpage that shows up in your menu. It is attached with a link, that once the link is clicked, the user can access the information on that particular page. WordPress page is similar to a normal page, especially from Ms word. In your school website, you can have WordPress pages such as Home, About, Projects, and contact. WordPress pages appear in the menu bar on the header of your webpage. They may be arranged horizontally, others having the drop-down menus. Below are steps on how to create wordPress page

Creating WordPress page

  • Log in to your WordPress, i.e with a correct username and password
  • On the Navigation menu, click pages as shown below
  • On clicking the pages, you will see two other menus,
  • click on Add New button

You are good to go for creating a page now.

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For every new WordPress page, you create, there are three different parts namely, Adding the title of the page, adding the content and a button for publishing the content. All the three shown below

Above numbered represent

  1.  Enter your webpage title example, About or Contact Us
  2. This space you put the webpage content
  3. Publish your webpage so as to reach many who are connected to the internet


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