How to host or install WordPress in localhost (Xampp or wampserver or EasyPhp)

WordPress is a Content Management System(CMS) that is a plat form for web designing. WordPress can be hosted or installed locally or online. In this tutorial am going to show how to install word in localhost such as wampserver, EasyPhp and Xampp among others.


Install or host WordPress in Localhost (Xampp)

In this post, I am going to show you how to host WordPress in a localhost such as Xampp, WampServer, EasyPhp among others. In this particular post, I am using Xampp as a localhost to install WordPress. Follow me up to the end.

      1. Make sure you download the Xampp or any other local server. You can download Xampp from here in the button given
        Download Xampp
      2. Open the local server after you install and start the and MySQL as shown below
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        Start Xampp
        Start Xampp
      3. Click on Explorer and open htdocs folder.
      4. Copy and paste the website folder you have downloaded

    You can down load it here.
    Download Current WordPress here

      1. Open your browser and run your folder in the browser. eg localhost/wordpress/index.php
      2. For the first time it will give you a php error. but will show how to fix it.
      3. First set the the language and click Ok.
      4. Click Let’s go! and continue to set the database..
      5. Trying to continue there is an error dialogue box that requires you to set the database
      6. Open you older where wordpress is and locate the the file wp-config-sample.php and open it in an html editor such as Sublime or Notepad++
      7. Change the name of Database, username password as shown  below.
      8. Save the file as wp-config.php 
      9. Go back to your browser and update the database log in as shown below.
      10. Click submit button and wordpress is ready.

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There are some instance you may get an error of configuration once you click the Submit button. Here is main configuration you are suppose to configure.

  1. Open the local server Xampp,
  2. On Apache row, click config and open
  3. Open php.ini with your editor (mostly opens with Notepad)

  4. While opening the file, press ctrl+f  and find max_execution 
  5. change the figure given there to about 600. All shown in the figure above

Your php error is sorted and solved. Enjoy Hacking!!!