Microsoft word clip arts are drawn images which simulates real picture of say Flowers, Cars, Computers among others. They are available in every Ms Word of every Ms Office from old package to new packages. Clip arts are used in other Ms Office packages such as Ms PowerPoint, Ms Excel, and /or Ms Publisher. Follow the following two simple ways procedures on how to insert Microsoft word clip arts.


Insert Clip arts in Microsoft Word 2013 and 2016

Below different ways in which you can get Clip arts in Ms Word 2013 and 2016

    1. Online Clip arts

Here are procedures for inserting online clip arts

      • Open Ms word program
      • Go to insert menu and click
      • Click online pictures button and open
      • On the dialog box that pop up use bing Image search
      • write the name of clip arts you are searching e.g Cars Clip arts

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Cars clip arts

Note: The name you are searching must be followed by “clip arts” as shown in the example above. Do that anytime you want to insert the Clip arts in Ms. Word 2013 and Ms. Word 2016

        • From the clip arts you have searched, select and double click on it
        • The clip art(s) will be insert in the Ms word
        • Resize the Clip art(s)

        example clip arts example clip arts


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    1. Explore from the Disk

From your disk,  you can insert the clip arts as well. Here are simple procedures which will guide you on how to insert clip arts directly from the disk.

  • Locate where your local disks are
  • Open program files
  • open Micro Office folder
  • Open the folder and locate Clip arts
  • Between the folders,i.e  PUB60COR and Publisher, open the first one
  • Select the clip arts and click insert button

clip arts

Note; The two folders i.e PUB60COR and Publisher, the PUB60COR have all clip arts of all kind and  Publishers  got the web background images in form of GIFs extension.

Background Clip art



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