WordPress is a Content Management System, CMS that is used as a platform for designing websites of all kinds. Many website developers ought to use WordPress to its strong security. Login to the WordPress comes every time you want to access the admin site.

Logging in into the WordPress

When you are logging into the WordPress, there are three things or information you need to have

    • The WordPress address for an admin e.g http://wp-example.com/wp-admin/  
    • You need username as an admin for example; admin
    • And finally, you are needed to insert a password. This password is the one you set when you were creating WordPress account.

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If you have forgotten with your password, you can click lost your password? button down there and follow the procedures. These steps to rest or recover your password requires you to have a working email.

Note: Your WordPress logins are not the same as c-panel logins unless you have set to be the same.

Also in so many attempts to log in, there may arise WordPress login disabled which is an error. To solve this problem, you need to height your password security to avoid maliciously many users attempts.

In a different case, the username or password may be incorrect, the user need not to worry, there is a way out for this. You need to reset the password again.

Finally, it is advisable that your passwords should be your highly private thing. This is to avoid any person of bad will access your site and attack it.

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It is my sincere hope that this post will help you so much. Thank you!!

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