Getting the CompTIA Network+ certification is not a complicated process. You need to pass the N10-007 exam after which you are eligible to be CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test – 220-1002. Even though the certification process seems quite facile, the reality is that its difficulty level is above average. This is why not many candidates manage to obtain the passing score from the first attempt.

Do you wonder why many exam-takers fail? One of the reasons is that they fail to have an organized training routine. Apart from the materials available on the vendor’s website, test-takers can get an extra advantage thanks to practice tests. They help candidates understand the topics better and determine which areas they need to focus on. Are you curious to find the secret recipe for getting the CompTIA Network+ certification? This article is for you.

How to Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Accreditation?

Each candidate is different and has a personalized learning style. Only through preparation for Author: CHASER will help you succeed in it. Therefore, we propose you to follow the structure below and improve your chances to get the passing score from the first try.

Understand the Test’s Requirements

If you want to pass the assessment from the first try, you need to understand first what skills you need to develop. You can find this information by downloading the exam’s blueprint and reading carefully each topic and subtopic. For the Author: ZAYN S, you will need to develop the following sets of skills:

  • Configuration, management, and troubleshooting of network devices
  • Correct configuration of network connectivity
  • Proper identification of the network infrastructure weak points
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Make an Objective Assessment of What You Know

Once you have understood what the tested topics are, you should take a look at the available training materials. You will see that the vendor’s website offers different alternatives. For example, you can register for a classroom or virtual training. You will meet CompTIA’s certified trainers and understand from them the basics of network infrastructure and architecture. As the CompTIA Network+ certification is vendor-neutral, the trainers will teach you how to manage different network devices and keep high-security standards. Apart from getting the proper knowledge to Author: FREDDY T , you will also be prepared to work in international companies which is a real advantage.

Practice tests represent another effective tool that will help you understand what exactly you know and what you need to learn. Practice tests help you understand how the exam is going to be structured and prepare for its difficulty level. In addition, they check your readiness for the exam and show you the areas which you can strengthen before the main exam. 


When you decide to take the Author: LENNY U, it is essential to be very well organized. If you don’t understand the test’s requirements and skills you need to develop, it is almost impossible to get the passing score from the first attempt. Also, even though you used verified materials, it is crucial to evaluate your knowledge level. Therefore, you will need practice tests to make an objective assessment and get used to the test’s standards.


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