switch back to WordPress classic editor

Have you gotten pissed off by the new WordPress GutenBerg editor? You are not alone. This guide will show you how to switch back to the old WordPress Classic Editor.

The Gutenberg editor was released with the future editing and publishing experience in WordPress but most themes and plugins are definitely not ready for this big change.

WordPress 5.0 and above comes with Gutenberg enabled by default, leaving many users frustrated and looking for solutions to revert back to the old classic editor.

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How to Revert Back to old Classic Editor

To revert back to the classic editor, you will be required to install the Classic WordPress Editor plugin. This plugin has been actively maintained by WordPress contributors team and it will be deprecated in 2022.

Once classic editor plugin has been activated, it will completely disable the new Gutenberg blocks based editor. This will enable 100% compatibility with your themes and plugins.

Steps to Swich Back to old Classic Editor in WordPress

Let’s see how to revert back to the old WordPress editing and publishing experience

1. Switch to wordpress dashbaord > Plugins > Add New, then search for Classic Editor Plugin

word press class editor plugin

2. Activate the plugin
Activating classic editor plugin should disable Gutenberg editor. If Gutenberg still shows up as the default editor, click classic settings as shown in the image below and make it default editor.

That’s how to revert back to the old classic editor.

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