ANSWER! Can you increase CD4 count without ARVs?

Is it possible to increase your CD4 count without antiretrovirals? First, at HACK SMILE, we always encourage users to start antiretroviral (ARVS) as soon as one is diagnosed. Although the decision to begin therapy should depend on your physical health and your mental preparedness to start treatment and stick with it to live a healthy life.

Surely, is it possible to increase your CD4 count without antiretroviral therapy(ART)?

The ONLY way to increase your CD4 count is through use of HIV treatment (ART).

There is nothing else that can increase your CD4 count, including protein supplements, multivitamins or herbal medicines. The core thing is to observe yourself, for example, eating a balanced diet, keeping physically and mentally fit, reducing stress, sleeping well and so on. Effective HIV MED is the only proven method to increase your CD4 COUNT

Some companies advertise multivitamins and immune boosters, pointing that, they will help raise your CD4 count, these are SCAMS. There is no immune booster that will help increase your CD4 count or control HIV.

You should not delay your medication in favor of anything else, always start your HIV MED as soon as possible. HIV medicines are very effective, this is what they were designed for!

ART stops HIV from replicating, the main aim is to reduce your viral load into undetectable levels. As your viral load goes down, your immune system starts to regain again. Accordingly, your CD4 count will go high again.

At the moment, experts especially from South Africa, recommends that the treatment should start when the CD4 count is at any count. So talk with your doctor and decide the appropriate time to start the ART.

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