Typing faster without looking at the keyboard is essential and crucial especially that we are now living in digital edge . Get rid of bad habits and enjoy typing. Typing becomes more interesting and fun when you learn how to control your keyboard efficiently. Learning how to type faster is a process and it cannot be achieved over night or in one week’s time. It took me at least 3 weeks to learn how to type faster with both hands without looking at the keyboard, with regular practice.

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Understanding keyboard

Under this tutorial we will focus on qwerty keyboards only. It’s required you be close to your keyboard to clearly understand each and every concept. If you look closely to your keyboard, letter f and j have some bumps to enable you position your hands on the keyboard without having to look at it. In qwerty keyboards, the row containing letters A all the way to semi-colon (;), is called Home Row Keys. Home row keys is sectioned into two parts; from F to A, that’s where you position your left hand side and from J to semi colon (;), you position your right hand side, with each finger taking its position. Fore example, when not typing or starting to type, your left hand side should be positioned from ‘F’ to ‘A’, with small finger touching ‘A’ the next touching ‘S’ like that all the way to ‘F’, same case applies to fingers on your right hand side, with small finger positioned at the semicolon and so on. Thumbs should be positioned on the space bar.

How to type faster

Positioning hands in the keyboard is the trick behind typing. Let’s see how to type faster and how to move your fingers while typing.

type faster hands
type faster hands, courtesy of http://takelessons.com/, Introduction to piano lessons

Left Hand

Left hand side should be placed on the home row keys, from A to F with Finger Number 5 placed on A, finger 4 placed on S, finger 3 on D, finger 2 on F and thumb to rest on space bar.
Letter 5 finger should type 1, Q, A, Z, 4 to type 2, W, S, X, 3 to type 3, E, D, C, and finger 2 should type 4, R, F, V and 5, T, G, B. This rule should be followed for the left hand, if you want to learn how to understand how to type faster.

Right Hand

Right hand should should follow the same pattern followed by left hand. Please look at the right hand in the image above to understand finger numbers. Having said that, right hand side should be placed on the home row keys with thumb resting on the space bars and finger number 2 resting on J, 3 should rest on K, 4 to rest on L and last small finger to rest on semicolon.
For good practices, letter 2 should type 7,U,J,M AND 6, Y, H, N, next finger number 3 should type 8, I, K and coma, finger 2 should type 9, O, L, and dot and small finger to take care of 0, P, semicolon and /.

Best Practices

To know how to type faster without looking that the keyboard requires some practices that must be followed before you clearly master typing. For example, if you want to type an uppercase letter, you should use your small finger to press shift while pressing letter of your choice simultaneously. Small finger should take care of things like caps, tabs, shits control, hash and other symbols. Please keep practicing till you get your desired solution in typing

Software to help you type faster

There so many typing software to enable you learn how to type faster without looking that the keyboard. personally, I used Typing Master software. This software is very good and it contains lessons for all fingers and for all patterns. I would recommend you to try it. In case you would want some clarifications, you can leave a comment below.

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