Modulus is the length of a vector. The length is the distance between two points. To find the modulus of a complex numbers is similar with finding modulus of a vector. For a given complex number, z = 3-2i,you only need to identify x and y. Modulus is represented with |z| or mod z. In this example, x = 3 and y = -2. Then, |z| = Sqrt(3^2 + (-2)^2 ).  Modulus/ Absolute/ length is the square root of the sum of the square of x and y.


Modulus or Absolute Value of Complex Numbers

This is also known as length of complex numbers. A notice here is that when finding the modulus or absolute we are finding the distance between two points.

modulus/ Absolute valule or length
modulus/ Absolute value or length

Modulus and examples
Modulus and examples

A key thing here to note is operation sign. Make sure you watch the video so as to get more details.
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