Hack Smile Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is intended for disclosing all the things that you expect as you visit hacksmile.com, including ads and sponsored posts. We want to make you understand our functionality and disclose all information contained under hacksmile.com. We will keep updating this page in case we include more new features.

Hack Smile Posts and Tutorials

Hack smile does not teach black-hat hacking or anything that violates other brands policies. We major only in ethical hacking and programming tutorials. If you visited our site with the intention of learning black hat hacking, then you are in the wrong place.

Google Adsense

Some advertisements may be served by Google Adsense. Google uses DART COOKIES to enable them to serve ads based on your visit to this website or other sites on the internet. Having said that, DART uses nonpersonally identifiable information and does not track any personal information such as location, name or email. Please note, you may opt-out DART COOKIES by visiting Google’s Advertising policy at https://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/

Sponsored Posts

These sponsored posts appear at the bottom of each and every article(Tutorials or Posts). These posts might be the property of a Hack Smile or not. They are intended for brands that advertise with us. Some of these links might not open on our website they might open on advertisers webpage. Hack Smile might also advertise some of their posts under this category. Please note these links might not be our property. Most of our Hack Smiles’ revenue is generated from this.

Cookies and Sessions

Our website does not bother collecting user data. We don’t store cookies or save sessions in our records. We don’t require our visitors’ information without their prior permission. We also don’t track users or collect any data for advertisements or anything related to that. Our main aim is to provide quality programs that each and everyone will follow and feel safe. In case we require users’ data we will update our privacy policy.

Everything Else

Everything else not mentioned above is our property and we will be fully liable for everything including answering all the questions not mentioned above. Feel free to interact with the website as 90% of our website content is owned by us, 10% goes to advertises as mentioned in section one of this article.

I hope we have cleared everything and made you aware of our privacy policy at hacksmile.com. Leave us a message on the contact us page.

Thank you