If you are reading this article, chances are, the term blogging is not new to you, may be the only thing you don’t know is hidden tricks behind blogging and how you can make it full time job. Most successful bloggers won’t share their ideas, they would better die with them than sharing with beginners. Under this article we are going to focus much on how most bloggers make money online or various ways in which one can make money online as a blogger.

Blogging Tips

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If you really need to get into blogging world, it’s worth having some blogging tips that will guide you every moment you create an article. First, do not jump into blogging thinking that you will start earning immediately, it’s a process but once things set themselves, you will never miss a cheque at the end of each and every month. Focus on these tips:


First tip is topic, the topic you choose must be something you love or something you have interest in. Doing something you don’t love will lead you into copy pasting other people’s work and as a result, you work will slowly rank poor on google due to multiple copyright issues.

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User engagement

User engagement is very important especially in blogging. It makes sense that, even in real life, you can’t follow someone who has no interest in you, or someone who keeps on ignoring you. It’s good to engage your users and do so when topic is hot. Make sure your users get your response as soon as they react to your blog pots


Third tip, be consistent and do not delay too much in between the posts. Post regularly to maintain your users. Fourth tip is content; have well written content. A well written content doesn’t mean having a good English. Are you able to solve problems for your users? Are you able to stick to the article’s topic? Those might be some of the few blogging tips to focus.

Various Ways in Which most Bloggers Make Money Online

Now, this might be the section that everyone has been waiting for. Most bloggers have made living online. There are thousands of bloggers having good life out of blogging.
As I said before, you don’t start blogging today and expect to earn immediately! No, it’s a process, in fact before thinking of earning anything from your blog, I recommend first you make at least 30 well written articles. In short, your blog must have sufficient content and some traffic too. How do you get all these? Your content and your investment will sell you. By the way if you start a blog, do not rush into earning, first create your audience for a period of one month and have some nice well written articles. Assuming your blog has a lifespan of one month and you have some audience, following are sources of income for bloggers:

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  • Google AdSense: Now most bloggers make money by placing some advertisements on their website. Google AdSense is the best in the market. They pay you when ads are clicked and when ads create impressions. Some blogs earn like $32000 per month out of AdSense only. Give it a try.
  • Superlinks – This is another nice blog monetizing program. The problem is, your blog must have 100, 000 visitors per month to be accepted in their program and once you are accepted, you will be the richest blogger, since their minimum payout is $100. Try Superlinks
  • >Adversal – Adversal is considered as the best AdSense alternative. If your AdSense has been banned, then adversal should be a good alternative for you. This program requires you to have a minimum of 50k page views per month, however if they detect good performance in your blog, they will accept you.
  • Media.net – These ads are offered by Bing and Yahoo. It will be difficult to be accepted if you don’t have some good traffic from UK and US. Again this program requires invite, for you be accepted.
  • Chitika – This is another good alternative to AdSense. It’s not difficult to join and they will always serve ads based on your niche. I suggest you try them
  • Infolinks – This one might be one of my favorites, they allow you to earn by placing links into your text. This one does not require leaving spaces like others. I would recommend you to try them out.
  • VigLink – Viglinks is the best for affiliate marketers. They turn some of your texts into affiliate links and their payout is awesome. Please try them out.

Those are various ways in which most bloggers make money online. If this article helped you, kindly leave a cheers message in the commenting system below

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