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rs2xml.jar Free Download

rs2xml.jar is a jar file and a java library that makes JTable manipulation a bit easier. If you are searching for r2xml.jar file, you are on the right website. This article will offer a free direct download to r2xml.jar file as well as showing a few JTable manipulations with rs2ml.jar

For those who are just looking for a download link, you can scroll to the end of this article and grab it, the rest we can go ahead and learn a few things that can be achieved with the rs2xml.jar library.
Having said that, there many online scammers pretending to provide this file, but most of them are fake, please avoid them and use the link provided on this page.

How to Populate JTable with rs2xml.jar library Using SQLite Database

We are going to demonstrate this example using NetBeans swing GUI builder. Whether you are hand coding or using swing builder, the syntax is the same.
Go ahead and add JTable palette on your swing builder, change the variable of JTable to anything that makes sense, I called mine jTableObject, feel free to call yours anything. The following code will populate JTable with data from the SQLite database.

String sql = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE something = ? ";
ps = con.preparedStatement(sql);
ps.setString(1, "whereValue");
rs = ps.executeQuery();



How to Handle JTable OnClick

With your data on the JTable from the database, we can handle click listener, maybe to edit a row, delete or do anything with it.
Our example will illustrate how to get the first column of a given JTable row, or simply, the first shell of a JTable row on a click event.
First, right-click your JTable on the swing Gui builder and navigate to events > mouse > mouse clicked 

rs2xml free download


Add the following code to the generated code

// get data of the first shell of a JTable row
int row = jTableObject.getSElectedRow();
String table_click = (jTableObject.getModel().getValueAt(row, 0).toString());

// get data of the second shell of a JTable row
int row = jTableObject.getSElectedRow();
String table_click = (jTableObject.getModel().getValueAt(row, 1).toString());

// get data of the third shell of a JTable row
int row = jTableObject.getSElectedRow();
String table_click = (jTableObject.getModel().getValueAt(row, 2).toString());


This will offer one on one and direct clean download for r2XML.jar file. For cheers and opinions, comment below, I will reply as soon as you post your comment.

DOWNLOAD rs2xml.jar

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