Paypal, Sorry, we weren’t able to set up preapproved payments at this time

Paypal has frustrated many of its users, making them not to complete transactions. A while ago, I faced this issue, ” Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase at this time Please return to the merchant.” or “Sorry, we weren’t able to set up preapproved payments at this time”.

I called Paypal multiple times every time I received these errors. The first response confirmed that, it was for security measures and that I should try purchase within an hour or so. I waited for more than 8 hours and the problem was the same. I tried multiple times and the problem was the same!

I did a lot of stuff and finally decided to change My preferred payment method to PayPal Credit and boom! This time it worked perfectly.

In case it doesn’t work, consider contacting the support and they will solve your issue.

How to change your preferred payment method in Paypal

Your preferred payment method is the source funding that will be used when paying with PayPal. You can find your Preferred payment method in your wallet, select your preferred payment method from the left of the page.