It’s obvious majority think that the quality of a website is determined by the amount of revenue it can generate or quality of its content, but surprisingly neither actually. The most important quality of a website is its ability to attract many viewers and sustain a large number of followers and one of the ways to achieve this is through search engines. Under this walkthrough, we are going to REVEAL top 10 SEO Optimized WordPress themes of all times.

With millions of WordPress websites running online, it’s obvious that basic SEO infrastructure provided for by WordPress is not sufficient enough to optimize your business, hence need to go for SEO optimized WordPress themes. It does not matter what your business is, everything from corporate websites to a simple review blog or site requires exposure for it to survive. Clearly, It’s through search engine majority get to know your brand, by the way, world without search engines would be the embodiment of chaos.

When developing WordPress websites first thing to consider should be a suitable SEO friendly theme, no matter how awful designed it appears to be, after all, all we are asking for is huge exposure and not nice website. Following is a list of top 10 SEO Optimized WordPress themes of all times.

Top 10 SEO Optimized WordPress themes of all times

While these are not the only top SEO friendly themes, from our research at Colorlib, we have actually concluded that these are top SEO friendly WordPress themes.

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Top 5 will be premium and bottom five will be free themes

1. Jevelin Premium WordPress Theme

Javeline premiums wordpress theme is one of the best SEO friendly themes of all times. It’s business friendly mordern and responsive.

2. Gillion Theme

Gillion SEO friendly WordPress theme is theme oriented to personal blogs and magazines, the worst about this theme is that it’s not free, but it’s actually included in our list of top 10 SEO friendly WordPress themes.

3. Soledad WordPress theme

Sole dad Magazine WordPress theme is one of the SEO Optimized WordPress themes available on the internet today. It’s designed for news and magazine outlook.

4. Mag Plus – Magazine pro theme

Magazine pro WordPress theme is oriented on news and magazines, it’s quite smart and it falls on our list of top 10 SEO friendly WordPress themes.

5. SEO Engine Theme

SEO Engine WordPress theme is dedicated to digital marketing agencies, and it’s one of the best premium SEO friendly theme available in the market today.

6. MH Magazine

MH Magazine wordrpess theme is one of the free SEO friendly theme available on the market 2022. It’s oriented for news and magazines as well as personal blogs.

7. SEO Crawler

SEO Crawler is another free theme in the list of SEO Optimized WordPress themes. It’s desigened for digital marketing agencies and blogs that focus on SEO topics

8. Schema Theme

Schema Theme is free SEO friendly wordpress theme. It’s created for personal blogs and for tutorials oriented sites. It has nice blog look.

9. Genesis

it would have been very unfair completing this article without including genesis wordpress theme. This is the most well known wordpress theme framework out there and SEO friendly theme of all times. It’s oriented for personal blogs and blogs page theme.

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