Youtube has evolved over time as many people continue creating nice content. Youtube Competition in Kenya is very high and only serious channels stand out. Today under this article, we are going to reveal Top 7 best youtube channels in Kenya sorted by ability to influence views.

Top 7 Youtube channels in Kenya

During the time of publishing this article, these are top 7 most influential channels in Kenya which receive high daily views even though subscription count is low.

  1. Africa Top Hits – This is the top Youtube Channel in the time of creating this article with 5 million monthly views making estimated 800 euros per month.
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  2. E News Kenya – E News Kenya is a news based channel reaching millions of kenyans every month with a monthly estimations of $650 – $1.4K.
  3. Kenya News Alert Tv – Kenya news alert Tv is also a news based channel with a monthly estimations of $750 – $1.4K.

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