Applications for the YouTube Partner Program are still in a backlog. We hope to be able to review all open applications by the end of April. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Youtube is still taking long time to process applications for the Youtube Partner Program, they might even take longer. Some people like me who applied for this program in November, will still have to wait even more time, leave a lone the 2 weeks song by YouTube Creators Team! It’s good if you are in the queue to get used to this fact that, you enrollment to youtube partiner program, might take even more time than you expect. When that said, it’s good to know the reason for this and when you expect to be enrolled to this program.

Youtube still taking too much time to process Youtube Partner Program applications

I happened to be running multiple channels on youtube and one of my channel happened to be unlucky as it reached new youtube monetization policy on November, in fact, by that time, it was 10k lifetime views. We had to wait and wait and wait…. It’s during this processes of waiting, I found youtube tweet and decided to ask them, so when exactly should they process these applications, good LORD, they replied to my reply and confirmed that, process will be completed by LATE APRIL. This is the screenshot

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Why YouTube is Still Taking too Long time to Process YouTube Partner Program Applications
Why YouTube is Still Taking too Long time to Process YouTube Partner Program Applications


It’s clearly that, Youtube will process applications for youtube partner program until late APRIL. Youtube might even take more time and since there is nothing we can do, we just become patient and wait. In the mean time, you can consider progression of creating unique original content to grow your audience so that when time comes, you will pick nicely with nice revenue. Please don’t wait, continue building your audience.


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