WordPress 500 internal server error solved!.
Most developers when uploading wordpress website to server for the first time they usually face WordPress 500 internal server error or most preferably, wordpress internal server error. If you are facing the same problem, relax and know, it’s just a matter of playing around with permalinks and your problem will be solved!

What is WordPress 500 internal server error?

Before solving this problem, it’s good to clearly understand what this error is all about and what causes it in wordpress. Mostly 500 server internal error is commonly specific to wordpress and it can occur in any server. Apart from displaying on developer’s browser, this error does not tell developer anything. Internal error is usually caused by plugin or theme.

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How to solve 500 internal server error in wordpress

This is exactly how I solved, I even shared a video here and solved many people’s problems:

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  1. First Login into your wordpress dashboard
  2. Hover on settings and click Permalinks
  3. While on the Permalinks concentrate on Common settings of posts link structure
  4. Change post link structure to any other option.
  5. Click Save, go to your website to confirm if error is solved. Then revert your posts link structure to what was before changing

Youtube Video solving wordpress 500 internal server error


This method solves this error completely no matter what. Please leave cheers message behind in case this article helped you

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